For the safe and efficient supply of high purity metalorganics we provide a wide range of cylinders and especially designed equipment: Cylinders


Nouryon High Purity Metalorganic cylinders (also referred to as bubblers or canisters) are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in industrial semiconductor manufacturing technologies:

  • Semiconductor industry compatible cleaning, regeneration and handling
  • Interior surface is electro-polished
  • Constant and consistent wall thickness which leads to defined thermal transfer
  • Optional purging valve configurations

We supply our high purity metalorganics in a wide variety of cylinder sizes. An overview of available cylinders can be found in our brochure.

Hiperquad and hiperloop

For the delivery of solid precursors like trimethylindium ( TMIn) we have designed a unique delivery systems called Hiperquad and Hiperloop. This innovative design offers the following benefits:

  • Unique stability of TMIn flow-rate and MO-concentration during the entire lifetime of the bubbler
  • Complete utilization of the TMIn source up 98%

The Hiperloop and Hiperquad do not require any extra connections or fittings when compared with conventional bubblers. For proper operation of these delivery systems, please contact us to obtain the operation instructions. Further technical details are available in our technical bulletin.

Level sensor

The use of level sensing has allowed cylinder changes to be accurately predicted and has enabled greater streamlining of production processes. Level sensors are particularly important for dopant sources. Having a level sensor can reduce the risk of depleting the source material during a growth run.

Our level sensors have external electronic indicators so that the level can be viewed from outside of the gas cabinet. Since the measuring principle is based in ultrasonic detection, no calibration required.

For more information about our level sensing equipment, please contact us.

Heat exchangers

A stable thermal environment designed to achieve a low cost and easily implemented solution for bulk delivery.cabinet cylinder heat exchanger that operates in conjunction with your conventional constant temperature bath and circulator pump. It not only allows an easy, cost effective conversion to large capacity cylinders which reduces production downtime, but also provides a more stable thermal condition for the cylinder and your gas cabinet which improves flow stability.

Technical data:

  • Heat exchangers are available for 8 and 20 l cylinders
  • Uses 316 stainless steel with thermal insulation
  • Connects directly to thermostats equipped with a circulator pump
  • Optional external pump for more pumping pressure
  • Has flexible connections for coolant line for easy installation
  • Has insulated coolant lines and top cover insulation to eliminate sweating


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Eliminates the need to invest in bigger, more expensive thermostats
  • Provides constant thermal conditions in the gas cabinet
  • Reduces gas cabinet heat load
  • Reduces heating of mass flow controllers and pressure controllers in gas cabinets
  • Provides reliable composition control of ternary and quaternary material through more stable flow control