Trimethylaluminum precursor for solar cells and semiconductor production.

We offer our high purity trimethylaluminum (CAS# 75-24-1) in the grade you will require for your application:

  • TMAL Solar – an affordable consistent quality for Solar PERC technology
  • TMAL SSG – the semiconductor grade 
  • TMAL LO – an ultra low oxygen grade for oxygen sensitive applications
  • TMAL IC – ultra pure trimethylaluminum for ALD in silicon semiconductor applications


TMAL Solar

For the solar cell manufacturing industry we offer a special trimethylaluminum grade under the trade name of TMAL Solar. TMAL Solar is used to create an aluminum oxide passivation layer to increase efficiency of solar cells. TMAL Solar has proven performance in Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) used in the solar cell industry. It offers a cost-effective alternative to the ultra pure trimethylaluminum used in the semiconductor industry. Not to forget its superior performance over industrial grade TMAL used in the plastics industry. The extra purification step to produce TMAL Solar guarantees consistent, high quality material for your solar cell application.


Nouryon offers high purity trimethylaluminum under the product name of TMAL SSG (Select Semiconductor Grade). TMAL SSG is a high quality aluminum precursor for deposition technologies used in the semiconductors industry. These comprise applications such as light emitting diodes (LED), laser diodes, high performance transistors and concentrated photovoltaic cells (CPV).


For very oxygen sensitive applications, we have a unique grade to meet your demanding applications. Our special grade TMAL LO has an oxygen specification below 1 ppm oxygen. TMAL LO is the preferred grade by many customers for applications such as laser diodes, sensors (VCSEL), concentrated photovoltaic cells (CPV), power semiconductor devices (GaN on Si) and phosphide LED.


For atomic layer deposition (ALD) in Silicon semiconductor applications we offer our TMAL IC grade. This grade offers ppb level of trace metals specifications.

Our trimethylaluminum is supplied in canisters (cylinders) made from stainless steel with an electropolished internal finish. The cylinders are equipped with manual or pneumatic diaphragm valves. The valves are equipped with metal gasket VCR-connections.

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