High purity metalorganics are highly reactive compounds. The products are pyrophoric, meaning they ignite spontaneously upon exposure with air.

In addition metalorganics can react violently with water. However, metalorganics can be handled safely with the proper knowledge of handling techniques, carefully designed facilities and thorough training of personnel using written procedures. Personnel who understand and give proper attention to these compounds will be able to handle them confidently and safely.

We are recognized as the global leader metalorganics safety. Our proven success in safely handling hazardous materials is due to our long-term commitment to safety. We always place safety as our top priority. For this reason we have a unique research facility in Deventer, the Netherlands, where we perform extensive safety studies. By testing and knowing the properties we can develop safer products and innovative packaging.

Sharing our experience in safety is one of the most important resources we offer. Through our safety programs we provide expert advice on the handling of our products including:

  • In house courses and on site trainings
  • On-site assistance and advice regarding procedures
  • Custom advice on the design of safe storage
  • Demonstrations on the safe use, handling and control of metal alkyls

As a final safeguard, should you in the unlikely case be confronted with an emergency situation we have a 24/7 whole year service to provide you with adequate advice in your own language. If you want to know more on how our unique safety services can support you, please contact us.

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