We play an important role in the fast-growing solar cell market. Especially for the solar cell industry we have developed two affordable high quality trimethylaluminum and diethyl zinc products, being:

Our cost-effective TMAl Solar has proven performance in PECVD and ALD processes for the deposition of aluminum oxide passivation layers (PERC) in the production of solar cells. It offers an affordable alternative to the ultra-pure trimethylaluminum used in the semiconductor industry. Not to forget its superior performance over industrial grade TMAl used in the plastics industry. Our advanced purification technology guarantees consistent, high quality solar trimethylaluminum.

Our DEZn TCO grade is an affordable high quality zinc precursor used for the deposition of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) layers in thin film or hetero-junction solar cells.

We are committed to the success of our customers. That's why we also work closely together with regional engineering partners to develop central delivery systems for metal organics supply in bulk to make your operations safer and more cost-effective.

Your safety is our priority. That's why provide unique safety services and training to enable you to handle our products safely. Find out more on our services on the safety page.